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Streets of Rage 4: Plot, Characters, And Latest Updates!

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4

With the iconic ’90s electronic music, the dingy aesthetic of the Wood Oak City and over-the-top street fighting, Dotemu, Yooreka Studios and Lizardcube have teamed up to hit the markets with some real heat and nostalgia with a part 4 of our beloved Streets of Rage series. But this time, it comes with a twist.
Streets of Rage 4 has been in rumours since the mid-1990s. But nobody got confirmation until August 2018, after Dotemu and Lizardcube approached Sega with the idea of creating a sequel to the Streets of Rage series.

Streets of Rage 4
The gameplay of the new Streets of Rage.

Streets of Rage 4: Plot And Characters

Set, yet again, in Wood Oak city, the game is all about side-scrolling beatdowns and pumped-up music. The story revolves around a group of ex-cops who quit the force to fight crime easily and takedown Mr X’s crime syndicate.
You remember our beloved brown-haired hunk, Adam Hunter, right? This game features his daughter Cherry Hunter too. Alongside our old friends Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding, another new character has been introduced. A muscular being with cybernetically enhanced arms named Floyd Iraia. His story is unknown, but we can deal with secrets, right?

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Streets of rage 4
All the characters of the Streets Of Rage 4.

What’s New?

The update includes online multiplayer, four players local multiplayer version, new soundtracksβ€”also, hand-drawn animations by the masterminds behind Wonder Boy. The game would run on a modified engine from Streets of Fury. All this coupled with music by a line-up of world-class musicians is going to pump you enough to fight crime no matter what the cost.
So this April 30th, get ready for a blast from your past as the biggest names in development and gaming come together to push you 25 years back in time and put some of your childhood rumours to bed.

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