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Strike The Blood Season 4 : Show Has A Sequel! Release Date? Who All Will Be There And What Will Be The Storyline?

Strike The Blood Season 4

All my anime lovers, I have some fantastic news. As you all are visibly excited about new isekai and shounen manga and Anime, I must intervene and bring forward a new season of Strike the Blood Season 4.

Strike The Blood Season 4: Plot Of The Series

It is an adaptation (like most Anime) from a manga series by Gakuto Mikumo.

The main character of the story Kojo, is believed to be a vampire, the 4th progenitors. He is disrupting the natural order of things and also the other three progenitors. With the scene set on the Island South of Japan, how do you think its monsters turned out? Watch the season to know.

Strike The Blood Season 4
A character from Strike The blood exposed from the plot.

For the new season, we will ship Yukina and Kono harder because there’s a lot more to them. Asagi, the Priestess of Cain, can also extend the plot more. Is Kojo going to fight the attacker of the Kingdom of Ortigia? What is he going to do next against it? We never know.

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Strike The Blood Season 4: Characters

Kojo Akatsuki is our main character, along with Yukina. He did not have his powers initially but slowly learned to use them. A peculiar characteristic is, he suffers nosebleed when he is aroused. Funny, isn’t it? No, it’s fatal and a near-death experience.

Our beloved Yukina is a sword shaman from the Lion King Agency itself. Asaki Aiba, Sayaka Kirasaka, Motoki Yaz, Nagisa, Natsuki Mimamiya are some other famous characters.

Strike The Blood Season 2
All the characters of the upcoming Strike the Blood Season 4.

Release And Where To Watch

The Anime is already out with Season 3 and has started the episodes from March of this year. Season 4 probably has more number of episodes in store for us. Instead of 8, we are receiving 12! Aren’t you excited?

If you are still wondering where to catch the series, you can always download the versions from torrents or just switch over to online sites. I recommend kissanime, but Crunchyroll is far better and convenient too. Try it outΒ here.

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