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Supergirl Season 5: May Have Featured A Subtle Return Of A Minor Character From Arrow Season 1!

Supergirl Season 5

Supergirl Season 5

Supergirl is a superhero series which has been going on for years now. It shares some plotlines and story continuation with another series of Arrowverse. Why? Well, both the seasons draw their basics from the very famous comic- DC Comics. Now, it is up to Supergirl Season 5.

The main character is the Supergirl herself, that is, Kara Zor El. The fifth part was delayed due to the Coronavirus impact. The plan was to release a list of 22 episodes in October, but it didn’t arrive until some time later.

The first episode begins with a fight between Lena and Kara in a virtual setting. Most of the cast members have returned, and an addition of two was made- Star Nair and Julie Gonzalo.

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Supergirl Season 5
Supergirl crossover with The Arrow and The Flash.

Arrow Season 1

Arrow is a very old yet famous series which is based on the same DC Comics. This too shares similar outlines as Arrowverse. It first came out in 2012, with a blooming set of 23 episodes. Here, Green Arrow is the Hero and central point of focus. He is ready to fight and banish the bad.

Out Hero fights off the criminals who belong to a gang – The Hood. How? Using Now and Arrow only, that’s why the name of the series is Arrow. Oliver reunites with his family in season one, but more of 6 remakes were launched in the next years. Don’t forget to watch all the follow-ups!

Supergirl Season 5
Laurel Lance from Arrow Season 1 gives a comeback in Supergirl Season 5.

Character From Arrow Season 1

Does anybody remember Jenn? Yes, that’s the character whom Laurel tracks down and introduces to her family in Arrow Season 1. Jenn was the one whom Laurel thought just to be a girl who has a resemblance with her sister Lara Lance. However, we learn later than Sara was alive. Was Jenn sent just to confuse them and not look further?

Moving back to Supergirl, episode 15 has the character, Jennifer. Jenn is short for Jennifer; however, the series indicate a timeline almost ten years apart. But it has to be her! In Arrow, Jenn had spoken about calling her fiance, and in Supergirl we see her mentioning her husband. Don’t you think this is the same person?

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