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Supermodel And Dancer Luisa Finally Caught Neil Jones Attention 1 Year After The Split with Katya.

=After Strictly Come Dancing professionals Neil, and Katya Jones separated after six years of marriage.  Jones has finally found his ‘love’ in new girlfriend Luisa Eusse who is also a dancer by profession. According to the reports, Jones ex-wife Katy’s left him for cheating on her with his celebrity partner. Jones crushed their relationship by kissing his male celebrity partner after years of relationship.

He was then single for almost a year, but now that he has finally found the life of his life, fans are getting wild. This week a picture of them together in which jones was kissing Luisa got viral. It broke the internet and fans want to know more about their relationship.

Neil Finally Finds His ‘True Love.’

The 23-year-old gorgeous supermodel and dancer hail from Colombia and first crossed paths with Neil while he was travelling in South America eight months ago.

Fans are going crazy after knowing that the 23-year old model caught the attention of Jones-like nobody else since past one year. Both have now made it official   On their social media.

 The sources then added that Neil is “head-over-heels” for the Latin Colombian dancer and supermodel, but they are “taking it slowly” after the serious spilt with Katya. Despite both of them being pretty serious about this relationship.

Neil had revealed on social media last week that he was now dating again but had not shared who he was seeing. Fans were suspicious about who the girl is, and finally, everyone knows about her.

Luisa broke cover though and posted photos of herself in Neil’s flat before both went ‘official’ with his new beau on Wednesday with a loved-up black and white snap of them together, as he gently kissed her head. Fans were shaken yet excited to see the two together. What do you think about the couple? Will their relationship long last?

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