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Suri Cruise Is Ashamed Of Her Mother For Dating A Chef! Check The Whole Story Here!

Suri Cruise feels embarrassed
source: Daily Mirror

Suri Cruise Is Ashamed Of Her Mother For Dating A Chef! Check The Whole Story Here!: Suri Cruise is not happy that her mother is dating a Chef. Rumours say that she wants her mother to remain Single For lifetime and be with her. However, it is so unfair for a person even to think that way and be more positive. As a result, it is unclear that does Cruise feels that way or is it rumours. Lets us find out and learn more about the same.

Suri Cruise Feels Embarrassed

Suri Cruise feels embarrassed
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Daughter of Famous Hollywood Actress Katie Holmes feels uncomfortable that her mother is dating a chef who isnt serious about anything in this busy world. Katie Holmes is dating an America Based Chef, who owns a Restaurant. She recently officially announced her relationship With Newly Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo past month.

However, the actress is happy to find herself a perfect match while her Daughter is embarrassed about the same. It makes her uncomfortable as her friends tease her in school. Suri, being a 14-year-old teenager, it is justified to feel that way because she isnt mature yet.

Suri Cruise Is Afraid For her Mother

Suri Cruise feels embarrassed
source: Globo.com

Though Cruise is an immature teenager, she cares for her mother, Katie Holmes. She dont wants her mother to be with someones who broke his engagement with long time lover Rachel Emmons. Cruise can’t see her mother’s heart getting broke again as she suffered a lot in her past relationships.

It gets disturbing for both mother-daughter when they come across such an Unimaginable phase. Moreover, Emilio is not a perfect man for her mother is what Cruise believe. Furthermore, she loves her mother and does anything for her to see her happy. But won’t let her take the wrong Decisions.

Emilio Vitolo Is Using Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise feels embarrassed
Source: Spontac

It is visible that Vitolo is using Holmes for her money and fame. He broke his engagement with his long time lover Rachel Emmons for Katie Holmes. Holmes is indeed a successful actress and has gained worldwide popularity. However, one can’t Understand why Holmes is unable to see the bitter truth.

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