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Sway House Members Jaden Hossler And Bryce Hall Were Arrested For Possessions Of Drugs In Texas!

Jaden Hossler And Bryce Hall arrested in texas
Jaden Hossler And Bryce Hall arrested in texas

Jaden Hossler And Bryce Hall Arrested

Jaden Hossler And Bryce Hall Arrested After the drama of TikTok vs. Youtube, the Carryminati video, TikTok reached a new height of drama on the weekend. When Sway House members Jaden Hossler and Bryce Hall arrested in Texas for the possession of drugs. There is a lot of drama after the initial arrest. Here is all you have to know about the arrest scandal that shook the whole TikTok community.

What’s In The Scene?

Well, if you are one of the people who don’t have any idea about what happened in this drug scandal, here is a brief. Let’s start.

 Jaden Hossler And Bryce Hall Arrest
Jaden Hossler And Bryce Hall Arrest

The famous TikTokers Jaden Hossler and Bryce Hall decided to go on a road trip over the Memorial Day Weekend. Everything was fine until they reached Giddling in Texas. There the local police charged the two with drug possession and arrested them. Some locals recorded videos of the incident and posted it on the internet. And the video takes no time to go viral on the social media platforms.

What Will Be The Boy’s Charges?

TikTok's Bryce Hall & Jaden Hossler Charged
TikTok’s Bryce Hall & Jaden Hossler Arrest

Well, from the sources we get to know, Jaden may face long prison time because of the drug scandal. Whereas, Bryce may be charged only with a misdemeanor in the process. Bryce had less than two ounces of marijuana on him. However, Jaden was found with less than 2 ounces of marijuana along with less than 400 grams of a controlled substance. Because of this, Jaden was charged with a felony.

Jaden had to pay $6,500 for his bail, where Bryce bail is set at $5,000. Jaden may sentence with two to twenty years in prison along with a fine of $11,000. However, Bryce may face prison time of only 180 days or a fine of only $2,000.

How TikTok Stars Responded?

After the news of the arrest came out, TikTok Stars came to rescue with a trending hashtag #FreeSway. Chase Hudson tweeted, ‘wait to relax, give us back, Jaden.’ Griffin Johnson tweeted, ‘people are pathetic goodnight.’ While others like Anthony Reeves simply tweeted. ‘I Love My Boys.’ Along with the TikTok community; their parents also took support for the boys.

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