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Sylvester Stallone Was Shattered When He Got To Know That Janice’s Daughter Savannah Was Not His Heir !

Sylvester Stallone And His Dramatic Love Life

Sylvester Stallone is a legend of Hollywood who has mesmerized the audience with his acting for 5 decades. However, none of his movies come close to the drama his love life had in his real life. Sylvester was deeply in love with Jennifer Flavin, who was 23 years younger in age. However, everything changed when he met Janice Dickinson. He broke his 5-year relationship with Jennifer through a note delivered to Jennifer via FedEx. Sylvester hit it off with Janice, and the couple dated for quite some time.

Sylvester and Janice
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Sylvester Stallone And The Daughter That Was Never His

Janice became pregnant just when they started dating and claimed that Sylvester was the father of the child. The couple was even engaged for 6 months. However, the two split up weeks after the birth of Savannah. The reason for the split was a DNA test, which showed that Sylvester was not the father of her child. Janice revealed in her 2002 autobiography No Lifeguard On Duty that she genuinely thought Sylvester was the father of the child even though she had slept with three men in the week of getting pregnant.

Sylvester Stallone Was Heartbroken That Savanah Was Not Her Child

Janice revealed that in the week she got pregnant, she slept with her then-boyfriend film producer Michael Birnbaum, an unnamed artist and then Stallone. The same week she split up with her boyfriend and got together with Sylvester. Sylvester had come for the event where Janice was going to walk the ramp for Versace, weeks after giving birth to Savannah. She walked the ramped only to notice Sylvester was not in his seat. When she caught up with her, Sylvester told him that he was not the father and broke up with her.

Sylvester and Jennifer
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Sylvester Stallone And The Last Piece Of His Love Life

When he split up, Sylvester said, “We had a good run, Janice. Say nice things about me, and I’ll say nice things about you.” As dramatic it may sound, Sylvester then patched things up with Jennifer, and the two got married in 1997. The two have three children Sophia, 24, Sistine, 22, and Scarlet, 18.


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