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Taboo Season 2 Delayed Due To Tom Hardy’s Busy Schedule!

Taboo season 2
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The creators of the famous series “Taboo” are planning for another official season. This time, the shooting will be taking place in America. Taboo’s Season 2 Delayed! To know the reason, read till the end…

Taboo Season 2 Delayed: let’s discuss in brief…

It is a BBC Television series which is produced by Scott Free London and Hardy Son & Baker. It is a popular crime, action, political, thriller, and historical drama series by the writer Stephen Knight. The series consists of a total of eight episodes. This series was first premiered in 2017.

This series has been nominated and won numerous amount of awards. And it is still counting as one of the best action-thriller dramas. It has received an immense amount of love and reviews from the people which leads the makers to add another season to the series.

About the lead role…

Basically, in this drama, Tom Hardy who is James plays the lead role. He is a very smart and cunning person who knows very well how to get his work done from others. The whole story of the series revolves around him. The story highlights the character of James about the way he operates both East India Company and United States Operators for his own benefit in such a creative way. It simply shows the savageness of the character and the sharpness of his mind.

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Updates of season 2…

The makers of the show confirm that the shooting of the upcoming season holds in America. As in the last episode of the previous season too, a sign has been given that the sequel of the next episode at least is going to take place in America.

In an interview, Tom Hardy said

“The season 2 will be highlighting the action thriller drama of American Secret Agents’ gathering named as ‘Colonnade’!”

Upon which the creators of the show also commented that,

“In the upcoming season, James is going to build up his broken dreams which are continuously triggering him!”

Story of season 2:

Taboo 2
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As mentioned in the above statement, the broken dreams of James are making him more restless than ever before. So, it is obvious now that in the upcoming season, James will come back to his actual self by fulfilling his dreams. He would be able to move on from his past self which is a very good thing for a man like James that he finally steps out of his comfort zone.

Release date: Taboo Season 2 Delayed…

The new season would have been released by 2019 as the story has been written by the end of 2018, but due to the busy schedule of Tom Hardy. Then, in 2020 shooting of the upcoming season was scheduled and it was supposed to be completed by the mid of 2020 but unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the schedule has been delayed.

So, now according to the sources, the season will be out by the mid of 2021. And accordingly, by the end of 2021, the new season will definitely be streaming globally.

For more updates, stay tuned!

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