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Taiwan Finds A Friend In US As China Presses More Pressure On Taiwan !

China Makes an Effort for Reconciliation as Trump Targeted Beijing in His Recent Election Campaign

China Trying To Take Over Taiwan

China has a long history of taking over the administration of other Chinese countries that are weaker than China. One such example is Hong Kong that is under the special administration of China. Now it is aiming to take over Taiwan, which is a small country near China. However, now they are getting a lot of pressure from China in this regard, which is surely a matter of concern for them. China looks impatient to take over Taiwan, judging from the sudden increase in pressure.

Taiwan Looks To Expand Its Military Base

Taiwan is a small country when compared to a giant like China. However, they are not willing to go down without a fight. As an effort to resist the pressure from China, Taiwan is trying to expand its military base. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen is seeking help from various countries to fight against China. She said, β€œAfter Hong Kong, Taiwan stands increasingly on the front lines of freedom and democracy. We know that in terms of our current situation, strength can be correlated with deterrence.”

The US Extends Its Support To Taiwan

The US is one country that has criticized China very openly to an extent where the two countries share a very bad relationship. The major dip in their relationship took place with the Trade war and coronavirus pandemic. Now the US has decided to extend its support to Taiwan to ensure that China does not take control of Taiwan in any way. The State Department’s top diplomat for East Asia, David Stilwell, assured his support to Taiwan in their fight against China. It said, β€œWe will continue to help Taipei resist the Chinese Communist Party’s campaign to pressure, intimidate, and marginalize Taiwan.”

US and Taiwan
Source: Asia Times

China And US End Up In Indo-Pacific Argument

China is not happy with the fact that the US launched surveillance with a U2 spy plane on the Indo-Pacific region. According to China, it was against the international rules and affected the military activities of China. However, the US believe their action was well within the framework of international rules.

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