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Take A Look At Who Qualifies For The 2nd Stimulus Check!

Economic Stimulus Package
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Take A Look At Who Qualifies For The 2nd Stimulus Check!:Β The second wave of the economic stimulus package will soon hit the citizens of the US. But the question that lingers is, who is eligible for the 2nd check?

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Nevertheless, we have an insight of who qualifies for the second round. Let us get into the details of the economic package.

The Second Wave!

In the upcoming days, we expect the Senate Republic to announce every bit of the details regarding the new stimulus checks. The new bill will include the economic package for August. So, there’s still a bit of time to see who is eligible.

However, on Thursday, in an interview with CNBC, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said:

“The President’s preference is to make sure that we send out direct payments quickly so that in August, people get more money. There is no question this worked before.”

Stimulus Package
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Unfortunately, it’s still unclear as to what guidelines the next stimulus package will follow. It’s no secret that we expect it to be similar to The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act i-e the CARES Act.

However, the Senate has agreed to impose tighter restrictions, resulting in fewer people receiving the checks. Moreover, the House of Representatives wants more people to qualify.

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The broadcast eligibility parameters suggested the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act i-e the HEROES Act proposed by the House of Representatives in mid-May. But, President Donald Trump and several other officials rejected it calling it DOA.
Economic Stimulus Package
Here’s a list of possible people who ‘might’ qualify for the broad proposal:
  • Individuals that made less than $99,000 according to the adjusted gross income from 2018 or 2019 taxes.
  • College students, dependents over 17, disabled relatives and taxpayers’ parents will get it.
  • The next is those who are in a family of up to five people.
  • SSDI recipients.
  • People who aren’t US citizens, and do file tax returns, pay taxes, and otherwise comply with federal law tax using individual taxpayer identification.

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The Final Decision

After the Senate decides on the proposal with the White House’s involvement, the negotiations will begin. When the agreement is prepared, the President will sign it into the law.

We won’t know for a long time until the bill comes into a clearer picture. But, considering out estimations, we believe it can come out somewhere in the first ten days of August.



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