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Taxfix Has Raised A $65 Million And For This It Builds Mobile App!

Taxfix Funds

Taxfix Funds $65 Million

Taxfix is a Berlin-based startup company. Now it raised 65 million dollars towards funding round.Β  Taxfix funds are lead by Index Vultures along with Neil Rimer joining them. This Funding was raised before the Coronavirus pandemic entered the world. Even then it managed to sign all the contracts a few days ago.

Mobile App

Taxfix itself suggests that there is no tax filing in some countries. This company also buildup a mobile app to be in touch with people. Also, a web version is available. As soon as, any user opens the app, it will ask some questions to maximize the tax refunds. While answering the questions, Taxfix shows only the relevant items to the user. It will automatically hide the unnecessary problems, which do not apply to the user’s current situation.

Taxfix Funds
The owners of Berlin-based startup – Taxfix.

Taxfix Funds: Process In Taxfix

Also, users can give their payslips, which is accepted by the app. After filling the application, it will automatically send to the tax office. For example, if the Taxfix costs around 34 dollars, but the app calculates only 50 dollars. This is very low for many of the users to pay 35 dollars at the end of the process. Taxfix is only in some countries like Germany, France and Italy.

Many people feel lazy to bind their documents and to pay tax with all the process. For all those people, Taxfix is very useful. As a whole, Taxfix has helped by collecting around 270 million euros for thousands of users. Taxfix is not about people who pay their tax returns every year.

Taxfix Funds
The office of the European startup Taxfix in Berlin.

e U.S have tax return apps for the people. Europe is divided into the market when it comes to taxes. This made Europe have very few tax return apps compared to the U.S. So, Taxfix decided to expand in European countries. By adapting to their changes and regulating with different markets about the product.

Taxfix has 200 employees in its team. Now it decides to expand their wings by hiring another 100 employees. In Funding round, many companies get involved in this. This Funding round is by participating in investors Valar ventures, Creandum and Radalpine.

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