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Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Pictures-You Cannot Resist Yourself Without Saying “Awe”!

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn walking down the street.

First Meet 

There are rumours about the relationship between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn some time back. Now, the talk of the down is about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn relationship. They kept their relationship very private. But, the two people started attending events with each other. They had met each other for the first time at the 2016 Met gala.

Taylor’s other relationships were public, and many of the people know it. But, they kept this relationship super private. So, now this couple is spending time with each other. They have also been into PDA on some occasions. Also, fans of Taylor Swift’s suspected her recent songs are about Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn in a gathering event.

Hints Are Proving 

Fans have gone through each line of her lyrics to find hints. Finally, they could connect the dots. Also, they shared an individual picture in their respective social media, from a gigantic cactus. Taylor Swift hasn’t opened about their relationship. But, as per rumours, people say that they are committed for three years.

Taylor Swift uses her Instagram very often to post her photos with cats and share with the audience. But as per resources, they met firstly on the song “Dance” in 2017. In one song of Taylor Swift “Flashback to when you met me, your buzzed cut and my hair bleached”. This made fans to be very particular about their relationship was real. Because, when they met the first time in Met Gala, Swift’s hair was bleached and Alwyn’s hair was buzzed.

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn in a recent event.

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn: About Relationship 

Still, Taylor Swift was dating Calvin Harris. Met Gala is also the night, where she met, Tom Hiddleston and danced with him. The video of their dance gone viral at that time. It was an Eventful night for Tay. After a month, she broke up Tom Hiddleston. Then she went to a Kings of Leon show with her friends. As per some online sources, Taylor Swift was also there at that party.

But some reports on them say that they are really in a relationship. Also, families of Swift and Joe were aware of their togetherness. Media is clicking their photos, and they look so fabulous.

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