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Taylor Swift Is The Sweetest ! Star Writes A Handwritten Note For A ‘Swifty’ Who Completed Ph.D !

Taylor Swift
Source: Billboard

Taylor Swift Sends Handwritten Note To Fan Passing PhD

Taylor Swift knows that her career will go ahead only till she has the support of her fans. Unlike celebrities who are rude to their fans, Taylor makes sure to be extra sweet to them. Recently she wrote a handwritten congratulatory message for one of her fans who are about to complete his Ph.D. The handwritten note said, β€œAndy, someone told me you’re about to finish your Ph.D.! I wanted to congratulate you on this incredible accomplishment and to applaud you for all the hard work you’ve put into our studies.”

Taylor Swift
Source: Billboard

Taylor Swift Thanks Fan For His Support

Taylor Swift acknowledged the fan for the support he has given to Taylor throughout her career. She even thanked him for backing her as a fan to give her the much-needed confidence to make music. Her note further read, β€œI saw how supportive you’ve been of my music over the years and was so touched. Thank you so much. I’m also so proud of you for the bravery you’ve shown in your personal life, choosing to live and love honestly even when it isn’t easy.”

Taylor Swift Asks Fan To Cherish His Moment Even During Pandemic

For any person, the pandemic has brought a lot of perspectives. Any achievement looks small compared to what has happened to the world in the past many months. However, Taylor asked her fan to cherish the moment no matter what the situation is. She said, β€œI hope you’re doing well in and amongst the chaos we’re all living through right now. In these times, I think it’s important to revel in the great moments when we can, and this is a moment worth celebrating!”

Taylor Swift Gifts A Cardigan Along With Handwritten Note

The fan who got the note is probably the luckiest Swifty and many of Taylor’s fans must be feeling jealous of him. However, it is not over yet. To get a handwritten card is itself a big thing. However, he also got a cardigan from Taylor which made it all the more special. The fan posted the letter on his Instagram account with the caption, β€œThank you @taylorswift for taking the time to write such a beautiful message. You have been an inspiration to me for so many years and I can’t put into words how much this means to me. You have changed my life.”

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