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Taylor Swift’s Stalker Gets 30 Months In Prison!

Taylor's Swift Stalker Gets 30 Months In Prison
Source: Vanity Fair

Taylor Swift’s Stalker Gets 30 Months In Prison!: Taylor Swift would have taken a sigh of relief after her stalker was sentenced to 30 months in prison after he pleaded guilty. The man identifies himself as Eric Swarbrick,28 from Austin, Texas.

Austin was obsessed with the pop star to such an extent that he started stalking her. Soon he started writing various threatening letters and emails and sending it to her former record label.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

What Did The Stalker Do?

In his letters, Swarbrick had also asked the CEO of Big Machine to introduce him to Swift. Initially, his letters were passive but slowly, with time, they started turning violent.

He started threatening Swift in his letters. Reports say that Swarbrick became so aggressive that he went to Nashville to deliver three of his letters.

The Punishment That He Got:

On 16th September 2020, Wednesday, a federal judge sentenced him. Along with the 30 months in prison, the sentence also includes three years of supervised release.

Eric had entered this plea argument in 2019. Prosecutors accepted on all the terms of his sentence in a plea agreement.

Swarbrick has sent more than 40 emails as well as letters to Big Machine Label Group in 2018 (Swift’s former record label). All these things have gotten mentioned in the formal complaint.

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