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Teacher Chrissy Teigen Passes Test As Mom With Flying Colors, Says John Legend !

John and Chrissy
Source: People

John Legend Reveals That Chrissy Teigen Is Home-Schooling Her Kids

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are having a hard time during the pandemic with their kids. The schooling of kids has come to and like every parent, they are figuring out ways to teach their two kids. However, John got some relief as his wife Chrissy took charge of the situation. He said, β€œI knew she had it in her, but she’s been an extremely creative mom during this time. Every day, she’s trying to figure out a new craft or activity with the kids.”

Chrissy Teigen Wanted To Become A Teacher, Reveals John Legend

John came to know during lockdown that his wife wanted to become a teacher initially. However, he could see the teacher in her during this lockdown when she schooled her kids. She taking it upon herself to ensure that her kids take interest in studies. He said, β€œShe tells me now that one of the things she wanted to be when she was younger was a preschool teacher. And I’m definitely seeing that aspect of her.”

John Legend Feels Chrissy Has Passed The Test Of Motherhood With Flying Colors

John and Chrissy are already expecting their third child. The news of pregnancy came as a shock to them as well because they were not expecting it. However, John feels Chrissy has already proved that she is a great mom. The quarantine has pushed her to the maximum and she has passed it with ease. He said, β€œI’ve just seen her do a great job as a mom. Obviously it’s been a true test of mothering ability during this time, and she’s passing with flying colors.”

John Legend and Chrissy
John Legend Source: YouTube

John Legend’s Children Want To Be With Him Every Day

John Legend knows the thinking of a child as he has passed this stage himself. He revealed his children are at that stage where they won’t leave their parents no matter what. However, he is fully aware that they will grow up and want to be with their friends instead. He said, β€œA few years from now, they would be missing their friends and wanting to get away from us. But now they want to be with us every single second of the day.”


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