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Teddi Mellencamp Reacted To Garcelle Beauvais Reaction After Her Exit From RHOBH

Teddi Mellencamp Reacted To Garcelle Beauvais Reaction After Her Exit From RHOBH
Source: Us Weekly

Teddi Mellencamp has opened up about Garcelle Beauvais reaction after her exit from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Garcelle was her ex-costar on the show.

Garcelle Beauvais Just Commented Ok When Asked About Teddi Mellencamp’s Departure From The Show

Garcelle was upset that Teddi wouldn’t be a part of the show anymore. However, she commented only ok when asked about how it felt after her departure.

Teddi said that she wasn’t aware of Garcelle’s reaction earlier. She also added that she liked Garcelle and saw her as a beautiful and smart person. Teddi continued that she gave a good point at the reunion. So, Garcelle might not feel great about it. However, Teddi had no hard feelings for Garcelle Beauvais. She wished her all the best for her show.

Teddi Mellencamp And Garcelle Clashed Over Instagram Recently

Recently, Teddie and Garcelle clashed on how Lisa Rinna’s scantily clad Instagram dances could affect Lina’s teenage daughter, Amelia’s mind. Amelia has spoken about some eating disorder in the past.

Teddie’s father was utterly disappointed as Bravo cut short of his daughter. Teddie said, “He’s, like, β€˜Am I not going to be watching anymore?” To that, Teddie replied that she didn’t know and that had to be decided by him.

The Accountability Coach Has No Regrets

She further added, “He started becoming, you know, like, β€˜Oh, I love her, blah, blah, blah.” Teddie then said that he had even nicknames for everybody.

The accountability coach took to Instagram and announced that she wouldn’t be back at RHOBH. She admitted feeling sad when she gt this news. However, it did not make her regret any decision in the past.

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