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Tekashi 69 Wonders Why He Didn’t Die Yet

Tekashi 69 in the frame
Source: Daily Mail

Tekashi 69 Wonders Why He Didn’t Die Yet:Β American Rapper Tekashi 69 who is famously known as Tekashi 6ix9ine recently wrote on his Instagram that he is shocked that he’s not dead yet.

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The rapper is in several kinds of beef over the years and got into verbal as well as physical fights. Let’s dive into the details of Tekashi 69’s alleged announcements.

House Arrest

The rapper Tekashi is waiting until his 2-year-old prison sentence that turned into a house arrest in April, due to the advent of COVID pandemic, ends on August 1. However, ever since 6ix9ine was under house arrest, he is indeed having the time of his life.

Tekashi 69
Source: The New York Times

Recently he put up an ostentatious video on TikTok in which his entire body was covered with $100 bills.

Not a long ago, he tweeted:

“I am surprised I didn’t die yet. But it’s not bad being dead the way ya support the artist after they die #fakelove.”

These days, he gets lots of support from his fans, and he even expressed his gratitude for everything on social media. While Tekashi goes on uploading such videos, his lawyer Lance Lazzaro told the TMZ that he intends on keeping a low profile.

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Nine Treys Gang

Almost two years back, Tekashi 69, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez pleaded guilty to racketeering and other offences in New York. Daniel was in a gang named ‘Nine Treys.

Tekashi 69
Source: Daily Mail

He was arrested for 24 felonies including, planning a murder, carrying a firearm, assault with dangerous weapons and conspiracy with murder charges. He joined the gang in 2017 but, he left within less than a year.

The gang pursued drug deals and robberies. Daniel is facing a minimum of 47 years to a maximum of a life sentence. However, when he got caught, he gave information about every member and helped the officials catch them. It is because of this that his sentence reduced to 24 months.

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69 Intends On Resuming His Career

After 69 is done with his sentence, he intends on resuming his career. But, the USA is not safe for him anymore, so reports say that he is planning to go abroad and start over.

A reporter said:

“It’s not safe for him in the United States. I am told that he could go to the UK or Europe, or even Asia to perform. But he intends to resume his career.”

Let us know if you think 6ix9ine should resume his career or not!

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