Temtem, As Interesting It Sounds, Release Date And Everything You Want To Know



I am back with a story of another game! Now let’s see does it have core points that uphold its new name. What qualities make this game different from others out there?

Charm Of The Release Date

I used the word charm to make you feel attracted towards the release date, and you all will be more than happy to know that the auspicious date that the game was released on was 21 January 2020. You’ve had a big chance to jump in this game and take advantage of it, but the following are some facts that will make you want to play this game more.


All the Pokemon lovers, make some noise! Here’s the game that matches your interest. The game is inspired by the pokemon series which has its genre as massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which is developed by Spanish development Studio Crema. Every kid of this era would like to become a Temtem tamer: which means to explore the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, with a theme to discover new species, and also making good friends along the journey. Now, let’s embark on this adventurous almost-dreamlike journey of yours.

Here is all that you are required to do– to act like a pro in this game, start with catching new Temtem on Omninesia’s floating islands, start battling other tamers on the sandy beaches of Deniz or trade with your friends in TUCMA’S ash-covered fields. Defeat the ever-annoying BELSOTO and end its plot to rule over the archipelago, beat all eight Dojo Leaders, and become the ultimate temper tamer!

This game tries to put itself in the category of monster-catching games, and the good thing is that there are not so many games which tend to fall under this category. That is because Pokemon overshadows all of these indie-monster-catching games, here the graphics sound cuter towards the aspect of the series.

So in the end, ” good things take time to build themselves properly”, and here the case it’s just been launched, so there will be improvements which may make it position, touch the peak, so stay tuned all the Pokemon lovers for mini-updates!

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