Tencent Pokemon Unveiled A Real-Time Game “Pokemon Unite”: Everything We Know So Far!

Pokemon Unite

Who doesn’t like Pokemon? Recently, Pokeman company released the Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Cafe Mix. It unveiled only a week ago and only available on Mobiles and Nintendo Switch. Again, Tencent’s Pokemon teased the news that Pokemon Unite is coming. Here is all you have to know about the upcoming Pokemon game.

Pokemon Unite: About The Game

Pokemon Unite is a real-time strategic team-based multiplayer game. According to Verge magazine, the game looks a lot similar to the multiplayer online battle arenas. Also, the game will be free on both platforms of Nintendo Switch and mobiles.

Pokemon Unite

The Pokemon Unite game will be a five-on-five battle game. In the gameplay, each team has to choose a Pokemon such as Pikachu, Snorlax, or Charmander. It has to be done before venturing out into combat. Then the team will combat against wild Pokemons and capture territory of and from the opposing team. The teams will do all of these things while protecting their territory from attack.

Pokemon Unite: Gameplay

Tencent Pokemon made the announcement on it’s an official Twitter account on June 24. It said the TiMi studios developing the upcoming Pokemon Unite. Also, it has a first look gameplay footage attached to it.

Senior Vice-president of Tencent opens up about the gameplay in an interview with Abacus. He added, ” The (word ) Unite in Pokemon Unite represents the gameplay concept. That is of players coming together with the same shared goal to achieve.”

Tencent Pokemon Unveiled A Real-Time Game "Pokemon Unite"

Although the game is free to start kind of game, it will have some locked features. One has to pay to unblock the locked features. However, the company didn’t announce what elements will be available as a locked element.

As for now, it seems like the company is more focused on producing mobile games. As it has recently released some apps and games for mobiles. The company recently released a mobile-only app named ‘Pokemon Smile’. It is totally free to download on Android and iOS devices.

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