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Terry Crews gets cancelled for trying to boycott a strip club.

The famous American Actor Terry CrewsΒ thought it was a great idea and perfect time to boycott the magic city, a strip club in Atlanta, Georgia. But this didn’t turn out to be a great idea since Crews faced the backlash.

In his recent tweet about β€˜boycotting magic city’ he says he prays for the women who are tapped in sex work and deserve to be loved and not traded for sex. But in this tweet he used hashtag #blacklovematter.

what is black love matters ?Β 

After his this tweet became viral people were furious about why he would use this tag with a tweet like this. Many people responded saying how weird it is for Terry to use the #blacklovematter in the statement for boycotting magic city. Since most of the women’s working in the magic city are black. So why would he want to boycott them if he says black live matters.

People are not only mad but are also confused about what this American actor wants. He had been cancelled by the people since his tweet became viral.

After that, Magic City’s Twitter account responded with eyeball emoji. Β One more reason why Terry is getting cancelled is, Blake, who was unarmed, was shot. He was shot seven times in the back by American police officers on Sunday.Β The last two deaths that have created a fire in the air because of the police was rented go black lives. People are protecting to protect and show their respect for blacks. And at this time Terry crews wanting to boycott a strip club where mainly black women work is sick.

People were quotingΒ the police shooting of Jacob this week in Kenosha. Wisconsin, along with the shooting death ofΒ Beronna Taylor by police in Louisville, Kentucky in March.Β And due to all this Terry crews is being called out.

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