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Teskashi 6ix9ine Hit The Strip Club With His Gf/Wife

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Tekashi 6ix9ine was extremely worried about Covid when he was in court, which is why he got released early… But those worries evaporated in a big way because the guy entered a crowded strip club… And it didn’t sound so much more anxious with capturing the ‘Rona.

The New York rapper celebrated his girlfriend Jade’s birthday Sunday when she stepped into a gentleman’s club with two human-sized bags full of cash… He and the crew moved over to the VIP segment and began unloading singles on the dancers.
Based on what we can do… It seems like they could have rolled in there with more than $200k on handβ€”at least that’s what Jade claims.

Speaking of her, 69’s GF recorded a lot of their fun time on IGβ€”where she was seen sporting a body-hugging, green bodysuit… Tekashi was decorated in all black with a lot of bling and a new beard. One thing they’ve never been wearing at all… Face masks, man. Nobody seems to be rockin’ in the video.
We should remember that it looks like they were in Florida hereβ€”only the night before, there were rumors that 6ix9ine and co. had been seen in Miami.

The Source |Tekashi 6ix9ine Banned For Life From Ace Of Diamonds Because Of Strip Club Brawl

COVID-19 disappeared earlier this year.

It’s completely legal to be up in the club right nowβ€”even without face coverings, although it would be prudent to wear one. That said, uh… It’s funny how Tekashi’s immediate worries of capturing COVID-19 disappeared earlier this year.

You’re going to know… Part of the reason why Tekashi was not able to complete his term from home was that he cited asthma and other underlying illnesses that he said made him vulnerable to infection from inside prison wallsβ€”and the judge believed it and let him go early.
Then, just like thatβ€” Fear has gone down, just like this virus (or so they say).

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