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Texas A&M Professor Got Suspended For Participating In Scholar Strike Despite The Warning

Texas A&M Professor Got Suspended For Participating In Scholar Strike Despite The Warning
Source: Campus Reform

A Texas A&M professor got in trouble for participating in the Scholar Strike held in September. Wendy Leo Moore, an associate professor of Sociology, got suspended for two days.Β  Also, she wasn’t paid for these two days.

Leo Moore, A Texas A&M Professor, Was Admanant To Participate In Scholar Strike Despite The Warning

Reportedly, Texas A&M University did send a letter to all its staff members. The letter stated that those participants Scholar Strike would ultimately face the consequences. This is because Texas public employees aren’t allowed to go on a strike. However, despite this warning, Moore was firm to take part in it.

Leo Moore said, Β β€œI believe that the people who complained about my participation only did so because they are trying to silence progressive voices for racial equity.” To this, the university replied that some specific rules and regulations must be followed. So, her suspension decision was taken according to the rules.

Meanwhile, another professor from Mississippi is going through an investigation. This was too because she participated in the nationwide strike.

Scholar Strike Was Held In September To Draw Attention On Racial Injustice

The Scholar Strike was held from September 8 to 9 in all the college campuses spread across the nation. This protest saw several scholar participants. All these people took a break from their teaching duties for 48 hours. The main motive was to draw attention to racial injustice. Scholar Strike was evolved from a professor mind who was motivated after seeing the NBA protest.

Leo Moore was reached out for a statement. However, she hasn’t responded yet.

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