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Texas Cops Accused Of Breaking A Man’s Neck At The Time Of Arrest

Texas Cops Accused Of Breaking A Man's Neck At The Time Of Arrest
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Texas Cops Accused Of Breaking A Man’s Neck At The Time Of Arrest: Texas Police are getting sued by the family of a deceased person who died after allegedly getting his neck broken at the time of the arrest.

Jorge Gonzalez Zuniga’s horrifying mugshot depicts a person’s hands supporting his head from falling. A huge bulge was also visible in the neck area.

Zuniga’s mother has filed a lawsuit against four Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputies. She claimed that her son died because of the police brutality. Zuniga’s mom further added that it was unreasonable, and there was no need to use so much force.

Cops Arrested Zuniga Even After He Followed Their Orders

The incident occurred on April 11. Zuniga, the 22-year-old father, was outside to attend an Easter barbecue of a friend. The location was the trailer park. He felt asleep after the party and was woken up by the police the next day.

After getting to know that he didn’t live there, he was told to go. However, her mother alleged that even after following the orders, the cops still decided to arrest him. He got taken into custody for “violating the emergency management order and public intoxication”.

One thing to keep in mind is that the two charges pressed on him are minor. So, it would have been dropped later.

Zuniga’s Mother Has Claimed That The Cops broke his Neck And He Was Tased.

Zuniga’s mother has claimed that the cops pushed him on the ground. They also broke his neck and placed handcuffs on his hands. Then, he was tased until he was unable to stand. His face was held up for the mugshot, but the police did not care to offer him any medical treatment. Instead, he was thrown into a drunk tank.

After 21 long hours, his body was discovered motionless. At last, he got admitted to a hospital with a swollen spinal cord and a severe cervical fracture.

Zuniga Became Paralyzed From His Neck Down Despite Numerous Surgeries

Despite numerous surgeries, he became paralyzed from his neck down. He suffered from a great deal of pain and complications in the subsequent weeks. On July 8, he had a heart attack and died one week later.

“Mr Zuniga’s death was the direct consequences of the injuries and the lack of medical care by these defendants,” claimed Zuniga’s mother in her complaint.

Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed that Texas Rangers are in charge of investigating this matter.

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