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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Declares April As Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Declares April As Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has released a statement declaring April 2021 as β€œSexual Assault Awareness Month”. Through this move, he aims to support the survivors of sexual assault in the state of Texas. The awareness around the topic of sexual assault is low and Abbott wants to raise it through this initiative.

Abbott says he has always been eager about increasing the safety of Texans. The situation should not be such where people think twice before leaving their house. In a statement, the Governor said: β€œTexans strive to uphold our nation’s founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and every Texan deserves the ability to pursue their own American Dream unimpeded, with the safety and security afforded to them by a responsible and compassionate society.” 

Abbott β€˜Sympathizes’ With Survivors Of Sexual Assualt

Governor Abbott drew the attention of people towards the emotional and mental torture and trauma that a victim of sexual assault goes through. He said no person should ever go through such a situation even in their wildest dreams. Texas should be a place where people live without any kind of fear of getting assaulted. For that, society should make the survivors feel comfortable so that they can move on from the incident someday.Β 

Abbott said: “Unfortunately, the heinous crime of sexual assault affects people of all walks of life, and it must be rooted out and stopped. These terrible acts leave survivors with severe physical and emotional scars and often have a destructive effect on the lives of victims’ families and friends. As Texans, and as members of a caring and just society, we must embrace the right of all citizens to live safely and securely.”

Abbott Lauds Sexual Assault Survivors For Sharing Their Stories

The Governor praised the survivors of sexual assault in Texas for remaining strong and coming forward to share their stories to make people more aware of it. He also lauded the law enforcement agencies of the state as well as the volunteers who work hard to ensure that every Texan feels safe while stepping out of their house.Β 

In his statement, Abbott continued: “As Texans, and as members of a caring and just society, we must embrace the right of all citizens to live safely and securely. Across Texas, professionals and volunteers remain committed to invaluable work in crime prevention, law enforcement, and victim support, helping to create a brighter, safer future for all who call Texas home. Together, Texans can help end the terrible pain inflicted by sexual assault and help survivors and their loved ones find healing. Our state is extremely grateful for the courage shown by survivors, who bravely share their stories and lend their voices to this cause, as well as for the many law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, and organizations like the Governor’s Sexual Assault Survivors’ Task Force, who continue to fight for the safety of all Texans.”

Governor Calls For Unity In Fight Against Sexual AssaultersΒ 

In the end, Abbott asked all Texans to unite and come together to send a strong message to all sexual assaulters. He expects all Texans to spread awareness about sexual assault, especially in April to honour those who have come out of such horrific experiences.

β€œIn order to honour the courage of survivors across our state, and in an effort to remain vigilant and stand with them in solidarity, we must continue to bring awareness to sexual assault and advocate for survivors. At this time, I encourage all Texans to join me in renewing our commitment to ending sexual assault and empowering survivors. Texans are not overcome when faced with adversity; together, we can protect the vulnerable, help victims find healing, and bring offenders to justice. When we come together on behalf of those harmed by this terrible crime, we will ensure a brighter future for all,” he concluded.

In the recent past, Abbott shed some light on the cases of sexual assault taking place in the children migrant centers. He even accused the President of not doing anything about it even after his team contacted Joe Biden regarding the same.


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