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Thandie Newton Reveals She Cried While Discussing Rape Scene Of Crash With Her Director !

Thandie Newton
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Thandie Newton Talks About The Rape Scene From Crash

Thandie Newton was part of a movie called Crash which won the Best Picture award in 2006. Years later, Thandie Newton opened up about the rape scene. She revealed that she cried after the director of the movie asked her if she was wearing protective underwear. She recalled the conversation with director Paul Haggis and said, β€œAt the beginning of that night, oh god, Paul Haggis got me and Matt together, and in front of Matt, he said to me, β€˜Are you wearing protective underwear?’” Newton said. β€œAnd they’re both like looking at their feet. I’m like, β€˜I mean, I’m just wearing under … yeah. Why?’ β€˜Because I really want this to be as real as, you know β€” I really want to go there.’”

Thandie Newton
Source: Essence

What Is The Rape Scene From Crash

In the movie, Thandie’s character is sexually assaulted by Matt Dillon’s character, who is a police officer. The police officer pulls over Thandie and her husband. It is at this point that the police sexually assaults Thandie’s character. He does a full body search on her after pulling over and takes advantage of the situation. She further said about her conversation and said, β€œBecause I just want Matt to feel like he can …’ And I realized what he was saying. I wasn’t even thinking about the [earlier] scene that I’d said β€˜finger-f***.’ It wasn’t until I saw the f***ing movie, I’m like, β€œOh, f***ing hell!’”

Why Did Thandie Newton Cry After Her Conversation With The Director

Thandie revealed that she cried not because she was uncomfortable doing the scene. She cried because she thought that the rape and racism shown in the scene does not take place in real life. She said, β€œAs far as I was concerned, to insinuate that a cop would hand-rape a woman in the streets, and in a racially charged way, too, I felt this fear that I didn’t want to be part of putting that out in the world, because I thought it couldn’t possibly be true,”

Thandie Newton
Source: Youtube

Thandie Newton Realizes The Reality Of The Rape Scene

In the end, she said that it was years later that she got to know that many black women get sexually abused by police officers, and the scene actually depicted reality. β€œThe numbers of black women who are sexually abused by the police – it is actually a phenomenon,” she said.

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