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Thatcher Rocked Season 4: ‘The Crown’ A Netflix’s Original Series.

the crown
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Thatcher rocked season 4 of ‘The Crown’. To know more, read below…

Thatcher rocked Season 4: ‘The Crown’…

The Crown‘ is a historical drama television series, that totally revolves around Queen Elizabeth II, which is written and accordingly created by the famousΒ Peter Morgan. It is an original show on Netflix, that is produced by Left Bank PicturesΒ andΒ Sony Pictures Television.

Till now, there is a total of four seasons of this series with having 10 episodes per season. This series consists of a unique concept unlike others, all the cast members usually get replaced by new cast members in an interval of 2 years. And still, this season has been one of the most-watched shows on Netflix with a lot of fan following.

Season 4…

Talking about its recent season-season 4 which was premiered on 15th November 2020. Season 4 was a big hit, it comes up with so many events. Like royal weddings, which eventually created a lot of curiosity in fans.

Thatcher Rocked Season 4
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Thatcher rocked Season 4: Storyline:

At the end of the 10th episode of season 4, Queen Elizabeth tells Prince Charles,

β€œWhen people look at you and Diana, they see two privileged young people who through good fortune have ended up with everything one could dream of in life.Β 

They know you are a spoilt, immature man endlessly complaining marriage to a spoilt, and we are heartily sick of it.”

Almost every scene in the scene has depicted how powerful women are. The creator molded the story in such a way that the history of Queen Elizabeth ain’t turned out boring at all. Everything worked out well as planned by the creators of the show.

Three important ladies of the season:

The story of season 4 totally revolves around Gillian Anderson’s Margaret Thatcher, from her characterization to the way she interacts with the Queen all the time, especially when the Crown ceremony is going on which highlights her individuality.

Here, we can again see all the beautiful but different versions of all these true events, like what happened, how, and why. Basically, Thatcher rocked Season 4. Everything that remained a mystery in season 3, finally reveals in the fourth season of The Crown.

The season is totally about the premiership of Thatcher. The royal wedding in the royal palace, the birth of William and Harry, and the most exciting part is the Falklands War.

Thatcher Rocked Season 4
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Diana is too one of the most alluring parts of the season like the way she fights with bulimia and her’s cringe-worthy β€˜Uptown Girl’ performance, with her unhappy & very disappointed married life. Princess Margaret discovers another awful secret of the family which literally shakes the whole family, afterward.

And one of the controversial parts of the whole season is the man who is the angry young man of all the time-Michael Fagan. He gets into the bedroom of Queen in Buckingham Palace because of what, do you know? for just a midnight talk. Sounds sarcastic but true.


The biggest belief of this time is Diana might be going to die incoming season of the show, which will eventually end the show too. As per the resources, Elizabeth Debicki is going to play Diana which is one of the most powerful roles of the show, in seasons 5 and 6. For more updates, stay tuned!

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