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The 4 Best Shows On The Masterpiece Channel Check Out Here

Masterpiece Channel

Masterpiece Channel: Have you watched all the British Shows on Amazon Prime? If you feel like yes, you have, then its time to upgrade to the Masterpiece Channel on Amazon Prime. The Chanel is an add on purchase over the standard Amazon Prime subscription where you can find PBS content exclusively.

If you are overwhelmed about where to start with the amazing contents available, we are here for your rescue. Here are 4 of all the must-watch gems that you don’t want to miss on Masterpiece Channel of Amazon Prime.

1. Sanditon

One of the masterpiece pieces on Masterpiece Channel is the show Sanditon. To all the ‘Pride & Prejudice’ and Jane Austen fans, Saditon is roughly a modern take of Jane Austen’s last unfinished novel. The writer behind ‘Pride & Prejudice’ movie released in 1995, Andrew Davies, created this amazing show. The story of the show is about Charlotte Heywood. Rose Williams played the role of a charming character.

Masterpiece Channel Sanditon
Masterpiece Channel Sanditon

The story follows as she leaves home for the first time and visits the seaside resort of Sanditon along with her friends. In the process, she becomes friends with the black heiress, has an intense fight, and eventually falls in love. The steamy scenes, the reality of the period, makes Sanditon as sea-dip interesting.



The first-ever official Masterpiece Channel original is Jamestown. This show is about British colonialism in the USA. The scenes in all about murder, racism, lust, deceit, in short, all kind of nasty staffs. It mainly focuses on sordid personal colonists living in Jamestown. The show shows us normal self-centered human beings rather than superhero portrayals.

3.The Jewel In The Crown

If you love to watch stone-cold classics, then you must watch The Jewel in The Crown on Masterpiece of Amazon Prime. Based on Paul Scott’s Raj Quartet, the show is about the friction between Indian and British cultures. The show set in India at the period of post World War II. It shows a romantic story between Daphne and Hari Kumar.

Susan Wooldridge played the sweet and nerdy character of Daphne, and Art Kumar was Hari. Full of violence, jealousy, and tragedy of lovers apart, this show is a must-watch.

4. Secrets Of The Six Wives

Masterpiece has a bunch of its specials, but Secrets of the Six Wives is the one to start with. This Lucy Worsley feminist documentary is a treat to watch. Its look at the lives of Catherin, Anne Boleyn, Jane, Anne, Catherin Howard, Catherin Parr reframes each woman’s story.

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