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The Assassination That Led To Unrest Leaves 116 Dead In Ethiopia

Hachalu Hundessa's death causes unrest
Source: Financial Times

The Assassination That Led To Unrest Leaves 116 Dead In Ethiopia:Β While we are dealing with first-world problems, Ethiopia is under unrest after someone assassinated their singer, Hachalu Hundessa. The 34-year-old Oromo singer got shot on Monday night in Addis Ababa.

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Let us dive into the details of Hachalu Hundessa and his murder.

The Assassination That Led To Unrest Leaves 116 Dead In Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, anyone who steps up as an outspoken person is under the risk of submitting into politics. The capital is under deep turmoil after they killed Hundessa. The Oromo people i-e the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia are under commotion after their beloved singers’ death.

Hachalu Hundess in the frame
Source: The New York Times

Addis Ababa has broken into protests. It has left dozens of people in arrested and some dead. While the officials have arrested Oromo leaders, some Oromo diasporas in Minneapolis and London have started their protests as well.

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A Political Agenda?

Politically motivated killings are common in Ethiopia. Sometimes people encourage them. But, this murder, in particular, has touched the nerves because Hachalu Hundessa was a man of pride and honour. He was the man of people.
This murder lines up with Ethiopia’s consistency in treating musicians as political dissidents. Perhaps, the beloved musician was too bearing for people. Hundessa was vocal about the death threats he got, and yet, people loved him. He was an undeclared leader of Oromo people.

A Tale Of Hundessa’s Protest Songs

In life, Hundessa’s protest songs roused and united Ethiopians’ yearning for freedom and justice. His songs motivated people and gave a sense of national security.
This unrest and Hundessa’s murder has made a void in everyone’s hearts. Addis Ababa is under crises, and the government of Ethiopia is not doing anything to submit to the pain of fellow Oromos.
We hope Ethiopian people find solace and get justice for Hachalu Hundessa’s murder. Rest in Peace Hachalu Hundessa.

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