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’The Bachelorette’ Couple Clare Crawley And Dale Moss Suffer Cheating Accusations.

The Adorable couple Clare Crawley and Dale Moss from ‘The Bachelorette’ are facing cheating rumours. Fans are really confused yet schooled with these rumours and can’t resist but come on a conclusion on who was cheating on who. Months after they found love after all the heartbreaks, problems and struggles, news of Dale flirting with other women and getting a little two close came out. Which eventually made people believe that he was cheating on Clare. Check out everything you need to know about it now.


Dale Moss was recently spotted in New York, where he was seen flirting with another women and was getting a little too close with her. The pictures of him with several women’s went viral on the internet which led to the cheating accusations against him. And that was not just all, according to the OK Magazine, the other day he was spotted outside a bar ‘getting affectionate’ with a model type girl and they were way to close.


Dale Cheating Accusations

And let me tell you guys that it was just the start of all the accusations against him. He was then spotted kissing another girl and hanging out with him several times the same week. On 14th November he was spotted on SoHo, with a model allegedly her nee girlfriend while he was with Clare. Paparazzi caught them getting cosy together in the restaurant. They were even asked by a few paparazzi if Dale was dating this nee mysterious girl. However, neither Dale nor the girl responded to the question. Which left people more suspicious about everything.

Picture via Instagram.

However, after almost 3 days on 16 November Clare and Dale were captured together in an interview. And they pretended as if everything is normally and the two are really happy together. They even talked about their memories together. And that is not all the new engaged couple didn’t fail to confuse the fans right after by uploading picture together on Instagram.

Dale And Clare

Dale uploaded a picture with Clare and captioned it as ‘I got you’ to which Clare uploaded the same snap and captioned it as ‘I Knew It’. The picture was of them kissing in the snow looking adorable. In fact in pad few weeks the two have shared several pictures together looking happy. And celebrating their new engaged relationship. Fans are just speechless about the whole situation going on.


Clare and Dale first met on the show of ‘The Bachelorette’ where they fell in love with one another. Dale and Clare even confessed on the show that they have gone through a lot when it comes to love life. However, they are really happy to find the love of their life finally. And in November this year, the two got engaged. And according to their social life, the two look reallyhappy together.


However, after the picture of Dale with other women went viral on the internet, fans are really worried about Clare. Fans have even responded on the whole situation on Instagram and Twitter showing concern towards Clare. What do you think about the whole situation.


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