The Batman: Jayme Lawson To Star In The Upcoming Batman.

The news of Jayme Lawson landing in the new upcoming series of ‘The Batman’ has just stunned the world. Jayme Lawson will be acting in ‘The Batman’ and fans are surprised on who she will be replacing this time. Jayme has recently graduated from her college and fans thing she is little too young and inexperienced to be cast in such a big project. This news has confused fans a lot. Check out everything you need to know about it now.


The cast of the upcoming DC movies full of top A-listed Hollywood stars. But it had also announced a new actress to be staring in the movie this time. Jayme in her recent interviews claimed that she has recently graduated and has gotten this big opportunity which she won’t miss for the world. She confesses that at first, it was hard for her and she felt like a fresher. However, it first took her long to learn everything about the work.

About Jayme Lawson

Jayme even mentions that she follows the tactics of ‘ ‘Fake it till u make it’. And until now it seems to be working well for her. She says that this tactics of hers really connects her charter in the movie as well. Soon after the nee of Jayme acting in the upcoming batman came up, fans had various things to say about it.


Some fans claimed that they are really excited to see the new actress Jayme staring in the movie. With other doubting if she will really be good enough to keep up the standards on the amazing movie. However, it seems like Jayme doesn’t bother about what people have to say and she rather does what she feels is right.

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According to the reports, she recently gave a few interviews where she opened up about her personal life, career and much more. She mentions that “I think that ties in with my character” in the movie she says her character has to fake his until she makes it. Her character is a really stronger and important charter of the movie and Jayme is glad she got the part to do it.


Jayme mentions that ‘I’m surrounded by a lot of great talented people. I just have to fake it until I make it. Sometimes I’m very nervous about my role and the movie. But I believe I. Myself and I know I can do it’

Release Date

Talking about the release date of the most awaited series of the batman, it was initially scheduled to release next year. However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic things went on hold. And hence the production team and the Warner Bros confirmed that the movie will be postponed due to delay. And we can expect the potential relase date to be around the start of 2022. After all the DC series aren’t as easy as the other movies to make.


The Batman has got immense amount of love and appreciation throughout the years. And hence fans can’t wait for the next series of it. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite celebrity and show.

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