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The Bella Sisters Are Moving Out To Different Places. Check Out Why?

Breaking news for the Bella sisters fans. In the latest Bella Podcast, the two sisters have announced and confirmed that they will be moving. The two will be moving their families to Napa Valley, California. Check out all the details about it.

The Bella Sisters

The twins have stayed, lived and done almost everything together for several years. They were even pregnant at the same time of the year together. Now that they have made up their mind to shift altogether. Fans are having a tough time accepting it.


On their recent podcast, they had some conversations after which they announced that the two will be now shifting with their families. They claimed that they were having some difficulties handling a big family and now they want to downstairs.

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Brie Bella will be shifting to her dream place where she always wanted to live. The Napa Valley with her entire family. Whereas talking about Nikki, she hasn’t decided yet about the location but she soon will.


In the conversation, Brie says that Napa Valley has always been a dream for her and her husband and it is finally time that they downside their families and shift where they want. However, Nikki will be living with her family in the same house for a while, and then they will decide about it.


Nikki Bella also shares her experience during the coronavirus situation. She says that one thing that she has learnt during the case for sure us that everyone needs to simplify their life and in all the aspects. What do you think about it?

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