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The Best Shares To Invest To Retire Early And Forget Gold!


The Best Shares To Buy So You Can Retire Early

In uncertain times investors will turn away from UK shares and stick to so-called ‘safe-haven’ assets like gold. But this, in my view, is a surefire way to lose money.

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Instead, I’m focusing on the best shares to purchase right now.

The principle of gold is that the availability of the precious metal is limited. So, when everything around it loses its value, it will maintain its weight.

Best Shares To Buy:

Β£15,000 invested in October 2019 in the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (LSE: SMT) will be worth Β£ 30,000 in October 2020.

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That’s a juicy upswing Especially in the troubled, turbulent times we all face.

So why do I assume that the SMT share price is going to continue its steady increase? Part of it is the forward-thinking perspective of fund manager James Anderson.

β€œWe look to add value over five-year time frames, preferably much longerβ€œ, he says.

If we run through the most extensive holdings of the trust, the largest is Tesla at 12 per cent. Now, Elon Musk is not loved by everyone. But his laser-focus is admirable for the future. Better technologies for lithium-ion batteries to power the revolution of solar, electric cars and net-zero would be crucial. And there are five gigantic Giga factories up and running or being designed by Tesla. To my mind, it is this infrastructure that matters even more than an electric vehicle with an ‘Insane’ acceleration mode.

The second-biggest holding firm is Amazon. In addition to the tectonic Covid-19-induced increase in online sales, I see Amazon benefiting enormously. But also from its web services and cloud division, powering a whopping number of websites around the world. I’ve run across the Motley Fool argument before. Enough to say, I’m a fan.
Alibaba, Tencent, and Meituan Dianping, Chinese e-commerce and consumer goods giants, round out the list. These mega-brands will continue to take over the world; I’m pretty sure.

When To Buy The Shares:

The SMT share price is trading at a premium of 1 per cent to its net asset value ( NAV) as I write.

As recently as July, this has been as high as 4%. So I think the best UK shares to buy now are also some of the cheapest, compared to their share price increase of 63.8 per cent over the same period.

Yes, SMT’s dividend payment is relatively tiny. But for the last five, it has risen each year. And I see a continuation of this pattern. The more Big Tech progresses, the more dividends that the fund will payout.

The Concluding Note!

If only they were not so costly and hard to keep, SMT is like a tracker for the best shares to buy now. A single share of Amazon would set you back $3,252.30 on your own! And it would help if you forgot about shares and Chinese stocks.
So, I see no downside to investing in the Scottish Mortgage Investment Fund. For me, it’s just about discovering and keeping an entry point forever. And for a lot of shares, I can’t say that.
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