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The Boss Baby 2: Release Date, Cast, What Will Be Storyline? Get To Know The Updates !

plot from the new movie

‘The Boss Baby’ is an American animated comedy film and a Netflix TV series. The movie is inspired by a picture book series of the same name by Maria Frazee. The story of the movie revolves about a 7-year-old boy helping his secret agent baby brother in the war of adults’ love between babies and puppies. It is going to get a sequel “Boss Baby 2”.

Poster of the new Boss Baby Movie

The first film ‘The Boss Baby’ was released on 31st March, 2017. It received mixed reviews from critics but was a box-office hit. It grossed over $528 million worldwide with a $125 million budget. This film was nominated for Academy Awards, Golden Globes but lost all to Coco. The sequel of the film is on its way and we can not wait for it anymore.

Release Date:

The Boss Baby 2 allowed the release date on 26th March in the next year. The film was under production before the Corona outbreak. Now the production got delayed because of the pandemic. If the situation doesn’t improve then the release date may be pushed back to another date. But there isn’t any official statement yet. So, we hoped to release the film on the allotted date.

Cast And Characters:

The Boss Baby 2 has the same cast as before. We will see Alec Baldwin as Theodore Templeton or popularly known as the main character ‘Boss Baby’. Ana, also there is Miles Bakshi as Tim Templeton, Jimmy Kimmel as Ted Templeton, and Lisa Kudrow as Janice Templeton. Also Conard Vernon as Eugene Francis and Steve Buscemi as Francis E Francis.

Cast image from the movie

In the sequel Theodore and Tim are grown-up men. So, there will be Toby Maguire as adult Tim Templeton and also the narrator. Tom McGrath will direct the sequel and Jeff Herman is starring in it.

Trailer And Storyline:

Yes, the official trailer is released now. Check out the trailer here. But there is no official statement about the storyline. So, we are not sure about how the story will take place. But we are certain it will be an interesting one.

plot from the new movie

Tim and Theodore may get reunited. They are grown-up adults now. They are trying to manage work and family responsibilities. But Theo will use some baby formula to be a baby. And there will be a face-off between Theo and his enemy Francis.

We are excited to see Theo as a boss baby again. We hope the movie will be as good as the first one and stand on our expectations.

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