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The Boys Season 3: Speculations And Thoeries

The Boys season 3

The Boys Season 3

Another big series is on its way to screens soon as β€˜The Boys gears up for its season 3. The series is unorthodox and centres a small team of what we can call complex characters working to bring down Vought. The show is also based on the comic book series written by Darrick Robertson and Garth Ennis.

Due to its immense success so far, the show quickly Amazon Prime video ignited the flames needed for its third season very early.

What we know

The Boys season 2

We get to meet Stormfront in the previous season, although young looking, one of the oldest superheroes engineered by Vought. She immediately forms a robust intimate alliance with Homelander, one of the strongest in the series.

This duo, however, got opposed by The Boys countless times for quite the number of reasons to start. Homelander discovers a particular one night stand with the wife of the somewhat leader of the boys, gave him a child. Throughout the series, we watch him try almost to force a relationship with the kid, even pushing him off a roof once, when unsatisfied.

Homelander is a sort of twisted character, killing Madelyn Stillwell whom he fancied over a secret and then exhibiting some kind of unhinged affection toward her β€œproperties”. While Billy is working on getting his wife, Becca back from a secure facility courtesy of Vought, Becca is trying to prevent Homelander from getting close to Ryan, their son.

Things begin to heat up(literally) when in a rescue mission, Ryan mistakenly kills Becca and badly injured Stormfront. More secrets arise as it gets revealed that a trusted ally Victoria Neuman is responding for all the exploding heads. The show also shows Yumiko and Frenchie get closer though there was some initial resistance.

What to expect in season 3

soldier boy
Jensen Ackles|Soldier Boy

Not much information has come to light, but we do know a little. For instance, Jensen Ackles will play the appearance of a new superhero called Soldier Boy. Β Jensen Ackles for the past fifteen years got dedicated to the recently concluded TV show, Supernatural.

Although the series isn’t 100% from the comic books,Β  Soldier Boy’s long history with Stormfront may be explored. Based on the ending of season 2, seeing Hughie Campbell leaving the Boys to work for Neuman, we might expect to see a Boys-Neuman clash.

Another person to watch out is the ever demented Homelander. He’s the one who may be looking for payback considering he got betrayed by Maeve and lost Ryan. The show’s creator Eric Kripke confirmed saying he’ll be, β€œa homicidal maniac”. Another speculation is that Noir has survived.


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