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The Croods 2: What To Expect From This Sequel? Read The Article To Know About Release Date, Cast And Storyline!

Poster of the new Croods 2 movie

The Croods

The Croods is an American computer-animated adventure film. DreamWorks Animation is the producer of the film with 20th Century Fox being the distributor. Kirk DeMicco is the director of The Croods, and Chris Sanders is the one who penned it.The movie is getting a sequel “The Croods 2”.

Poster of the new Croods 2 movie

The show mainly revolves around a cave family called the Croods. They survive a natural disaster, due to the overprotective nature of their stubborn patriarch Grug. The only one who questions the family’s protected life is his teenaged daughter, Eep.

Eep frequently disobeys her father’s orders out of curiosity. However, he finds her behaviour dangerous.

The Croods Season 2 Release Date

The film turned out to be an extraordinary hit. The first film netted over $634.1. From this, we can say that it attracted a massive number of audience. The film first premiered on February 15, 2013.

Croods 2 cast image

Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the second season. However, there are a few confirmations that Season 2 of The Croods may come out on December 23, 2020.


The trailer for the second season is not out yet. However, since there is some confirmation about the release of season 2, we can expect the trailer soon.

Also, read The Croods 2: What To Expect From This Sequel? Read The Article To Know About Release Date, Cast And Storyline!


The cast may be similar to that of the first season. There are rumours that we can get to see Nicolas Cage as Grug Crood, Emma Stone as Eep Crood and Ryan Reynolds as Guy.

Cast starring in the movie

In addition to that, Catherine Keener comes up as Ugga Crood, Cloris Leachman as Gram and Clark Duke as Thunk Crood. On the contrary, some other cast may also show up in the season2.

The Storyline

In the last film, we saw that the family who is living under the cave comes out and finds another spot to live. The film shows how the family protects themselves by fighting wild animals. It also shows how they deal with the household life.

Plot tease for the movie

As we have seen in the first season, Papa Crood’s home gets destroyed. He stands as the Leader of the Hunt in danger when an individual shows up with promises of an exotic land. The family goes in search of a new home. It may show how the family faces the stranger and come out of trouble. As for now, there’s no news regarding the plot of season 2.



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