The Crown Tundra Includes The Most Imaginable Fan-Fiction Battle EVer: Check Out Details!

The Crown Tundra

The Crown Tundra is a new Pokemon game from the Pokemon game series. It will expand the storyline of the new game in an interesting way. It is expected that it will bring new Pokemon back From Pokepurgatory like Isel of Armor before did. Here is all you have to know about the upcoming Pokemon game The Crown Tundra.

Pokemon The Crown Tundra: Release Date

Pokemon The Crown Tundra released for Pokemon Sword Shield expansion will release in the Fall of this year. According to Nintendo’s website, this window will end on 30th November of this year. The eShop of The Nintendo clearly lists ”11/2020”. So it is easy to suspect that it might be released in November.

The Crown Tundra

It is given that Isel of Armor released on 17th June of this year and its window ended on 30th June of 2020. The players expect that this will release in the mid of November. A supposed 4chan leak tweeted on 20th June claiming that The Crown Tundra will release on 9th September.

Pokemon The Crown Tundra: Official Trailor

In the trailer of Pokemon The Crown Tundra, we can see Calyrex a new Legendary which is a Grass-type Pokemon and can explore icy plains. It shows lush landscapes with a little snowfall which seems the level diversity in the game.

It also shows that four players synced up and running towards a light. Sword and Shield allow one to interact with the ghost spirits in the overworld of the other player to earn new items. This game also allows the game players to explore the Pokemon Dens.

The Crown Tundra

Also, we saw many old and new Legendary Pokemon figures throughout the trailer. It ended with a glimpse of the Galar Star Tournament. It is a new mode where one can team up with one of her/his favourite allies from Sword and Sheild. The most imaginable fan-fiction battle one can ever imagine.

The developer of the game Game Freak threw some of the additional data about the upcoming The Crown Tundra. The data includes the names of regular Pokemon additions as well as legendary Pokemon editions in the game. The list includes almost every imaginable legendary characters from the Pokemon series. That includes Manaphy, Shaymin Darkrai, etc.

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