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The Curse Of Oak Island : Cast, Storyline And Release Date, Get To Know The Updates!

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The Curse Of Oak Island

I know people who are great fans of reality television shows. They have a distinct sense of mystery in them, the fact that it is an actual real-life event is fascinating.

The Curse of Oak Island is one such show which involves the Laguna brothers. They were particularly interested in this around early 1995. A show came out in 2014, and it is continuing since then.

β€œThe Curse of Oak Island” – Television’s Most Intriguing ...

Rick and Marty, the two very enthusiastic people, go on searching about the island for treasures, historical artefacts and other items of interest. They are originally from Michigan.

The brothers are not alone. After their interest in ‘Money Pit’ they wanted to have a closer look. The first good thing they did was own the Oak Island Tours. They are the backbone of the show, it would have been impossible to look for the treasure without them. The second best thing is that they are not alone. Dan and Dave are helping them look for it.

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Season 8: Cast And Storyline

The cast is obviously original members- Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina, Dan and Dave Blankenship, Scott Barlow, Tom Nolan, Carmen Legge, Dr Ian Spooner and Alex Gauthier.


Rick Lagina "Oak Island" Legacy Never Dies - Bio Extends ...

Apart from the first 4 members, the other cast keeps coming back and forth in the show. I mean, they are required only when there is an issue which calls for their opinion or service.

It started off in TV channels but now you can watch it on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and many other streaming websites.

When Will It Release?

History Channel never tells us beforehand about new releases. Since 2014, seven seasons came out. It is so popular that it’s still running successfully. These days, a show won’t gain importance as long as it doesn’t stream on Netflix. The Curse of Oak Island carried on pretty well.

The Oak Island "Money Pit" - YouTube

I think this was the last season. Season 7 will soon conclude in a few months. It began streaming in late 2019 ( November). I know a lot of fans are still hoping for another season, but I guess this will be the final one.

However, we can always have our hopes up!

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