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The Dallas Cowboys rumors Dak Prescott A Five-Year Contract Extension That Would Make Him The Highest-Paid Quarterback In The NFL Annually!

The Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott

We all love playing football and it is obviously one of the favourite games to watch on screen too. Moreover, I remember people being crazy for movies over football too! National Football League is no stranger to the football lovers out there. And I can clearly say that Dak Prescott is one the best.

He has been in the NFL and is a very accomplished player. He was there for the fourth round of the National Football League around the year 2016. They managed to secure this with the help of Dallas Cowboys. Know why? He played for the Mississippi State Football! Impressive enough.

Dak secured the position of the first quarterback of the Cowboys. He is known to set quite a number of rookie quarterback as too.

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The Amazing Dallas Cowboys Offer For Prescott

If there is one good thing that the Cowboys did, is offering something huge for Prescott. He plays so well, I personally think he deserved it. They offered him a five-year-long contract, which is a win-win situation for both.

He might be just 26 but he has accomplished a far lot than people his age. After the 2016 success, he has bagged quite some other things too. Not one but two Pro Bowls and then the 2016 Offensive Rookie of the year! That’s a lot in a year’s time.

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Prescott To Be The Highest Paid Quarterback

Obviously this offer means to also come in with heaps of money. It will make him the highest-paid quarterback presently. If he does not come in terms to a long term deal, however, he might be set the seventh highest-paid NFL quarterback player by this year 2020.

That makes above 35 million if he agrees to it. Otherwise a decent 31.5 million still sounds perfect (that’s a lot of money). I don’t think Dallas will find another plate as good as Prescott therefore this contract might hold true for a long term too.

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