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The Dragon Prince Season 4 To Release This Year? Check It Out.

So finally the news of confirmation of β€˜The Dragon Prince 4’ has been released. However, it was supposed to be released by Netflix in May 2020, but due to Coronavirus pandemic, it didn’t happen. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Dragon Prince Season 4

The Dragon Prince is an American fantasy TV show. It is one of the biggest American hits. It has over three seasons now and the 4th season is likely to be released by this year-end or the next year start. However, the shoot and cast are to start soon.



The Dragon Prince season 4 seems to take way more than usual time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Which has it, everyone, worldwide and even now, when the shoot resumes, it will be done under limited people and conditions.

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In season 4 of the famous American, the movie will get to see Jack DeSena returning to lend a voice for the Callum. We will also get to see other characters returning. Mainly Sasha Rojen and Paula BurrowsΒ who will be lending voice for Ezran and Rayla respectively.


In Comic Con’s virtual event, Wonderstorm made the big announcement about the information and release of season 4 of the dragon prince. However, soon after the news came out, fans went crazy, and it seems like people can’t wait to watch it.


The Dragon Prince season 4 to season 7 will be co-produced by wonderstrom. It will be all under the Canadian animation films contract. However, the official trailer has not been released yet. What do you think about it?

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