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The Elder Scrolls 6: Is The Release Taking Too Long?

The Elder Scrolls 6
The Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scroll is an action-arcade game. Bethesda developed the game. Bethesda also published the game. The first version was launched in the year 1994. A lot of us already love this game. This game in high demand by all gamers out there.Β Five versions of this game are already released. Developers are set up perfectly to release its sixth version.Β 

The release of the sixth version is taking longer than expected. After the announcement until today, there are no signs of game release.

Announcement Of The Elder Scrolls 6

This game has huge popularity among all the gamers out there. The announcement of the sixth season created a lot of suspense and thrill among gamers. 2018 was the year when the trailer was released. Mr. Todd Howard released the trailer by himself. The release of this trailer marked an official statement toward the sixth version.Β 

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Is The Sixth Version Happening?Β 

Let us take the talk ahead based on the above-written statements. There are still no updates on the sixth version even after the release of its trailer. This news was shocking and devastating for the gamers. Gamers were disappointed as Bethesda was not present in the year 2019. No reason was provided for the same. This was surprising for all the gamers. This doubted the release of the sixth version.Β 

New Release Dates?

The developers and Bethesda are not speaking on its release. Due to this scenario, the release of this version in 2020 seems doubtful. For now, the trailer is the only thing we have. It is also the most enjoyable thing we have until now. It is small, though you all would enjoy it. Make sure to give it a watch. It is amazing and great.Β 

As per the rumors, you can play The Elder Scrolls 6 on the all-new upcoming PlayStation 5. Stay tuned for more updates depending on the new updates and releases. This game will be in Valenwood. As of now, nothing is yet confirmed.Β 

The small clip in the trailer does not confirm any location. The game might set in a different location. Tod has not announced the game location yet.

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