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The Good Doctor: Leaked Details, Release Date And Much More.

β€˜The Good doctor’ have been making a lot of headlines recently. All the seasons of the show have got immense love and appreciation always. However, after the 3rd season, fans have waited long enough for the 4th season to come. However, recently the premiere of the 4th season is up. And in the premier, we can see a very familiar face. And this face has left everyone amazed yet confused at the same time. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Good Doctor

Getting into the core of the same familiar face we have unfolded the several month’s journeys of this emotional drama. In the recent season, we can see the challenges the doctors face battling with the patients COVID-19 and the pandemic overall. Β DrΒ Claire Brown (Antonia Thomas) and Dr Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) are seeing helping the mother fight the virus. They do everything in their hand to save the mothers life. And it is one very emotional scene of the series no one can ever forget.


However, as we saw the latest episodes that even afters many struggles Claire and Lim’s patient die due to the virus. It breakdown the doctors and even the other patient’s heart. With viewers getting very emotional or the other side. Meanwhile the doctors mainly Claire won several hearts.

Leaked Details

As it was mentioned in the guidelines, the doctors aren’t supposed to return any of the dead covid-19 patient’s stuff. However, when the patient’s daughter comes in and cries her heart out over her mother died. The doctor decides to change the rules a little bit with letting the daughter take her mothers stuff. As she stared at bags and bags of stuff belonging to coronavirus victims.

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This was one of the most emotional scenes of all time. As it touched millions of hearts. Especially during the pandemic where lakhs of people have died and millions are still suffering. People can be related to the scene and has given the show immense love and appreciation. Soon after the scene was shown. Clips of if got viral on all possible social media platform. It is an actual message towards humanity that people need to understand.


In the β€˜The Good Doctors’ all the past 3 seasons have seen several situations where the doctors have risked their lives to save others. Every new season has gotten more love than the old one. And what’s more exciting about it is that if beings real-life experience into the picture. Where fans can relate with it. And get emotionally connected to it with all their hearts.


A lot of detail given in the article has not even been out yet. Hence it is a spoiler for all the lovers who couldn’t wait. However, soon after the 4th season’s premier was released people started assuming the story thereafter. Calming that the picture they see in the premiere is very much familiar to them. And like us, people have done the at most research about it and leaked some data fans were excited and waiting about.


However, in the end, one question that every fan and viewer has right now is that wasΒ this just the result of grief and stressΒ or was Melendez’s appearance indicative another big operation that was going to take place by the doctors. What do you think about it?


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