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The Government Is Planning To Tackle Coronavirus Misinformation Using Its WhatsApp Chatbot Service For Official Advice!

Coronavirus Misinformation

Coronavirus Misinformation And People

Coronavirus has spread across the world in such a way, I don’t see us getting out of it any sooner. This is the time when we all have to stand for and beside each other. United we stand, divided we fall.

While the different countries struggle to get themselves out of the situation, there are people who are adopting vile methods of dealing with the crisis. We all should prepare efficiently for the worst times to come.

One of the worst things that people are doing around us is, spreading misinformation about the disease. A huge amount Coronavirus Misinformation is available online as well as offline, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and most importantly WhatsApp.

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Development Of Apps For Correct Information

Several apps are developed to keep the disease under control. These apps have the main motive of tracking the disease.

Germany was the first country to come up with useful ideas and proposals for online coronavirus positive test updates. This way, the people who are sick will not go out. Others in the area can track the number of affected people in their proximity too.

Government Based Apps

Our government is taking all the steps possible to keep us all safe. Therefore, it is our responsibility too to keep the people around us and also ourselves healthy.

Some women and men were arrested recently for passing WhatsApp chain messages with wrong information. The problem with such things is that if you don’t know how deadly the disease is, you will not be able to protect yourself.

Coronavirus Misinformation

There is a bit called My Gov Corona Help desk, which will address our issues. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi let us know about this with the help of Twitter. We all can use this facility for our advantage.

+919013151515 is the number, either text in this or use this link for directly contacting. This spreads social awareness and takes official expert advice to answer your valuable questions.

Jio collaborated with our government to create this bot. Hopefully, it will clearly make our society aware of the deadly coronavirus. Don’t spread rumours, stay home and stay healthy.

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