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The Last Kingdom Season 4: Confirmed Release Date , Prediction, Plot and More

The Last Kingdom Season 4

The IFTA Award nominee British historical drama The last kingdom is back with its season 4. Its renewal was announced on 26 December 2018. On 19 March 2020 Netflix announced 26 April 2020 as the official series 4 release date.

The teaser and trailer of the show are still not released by Netflix. Watch the trailer of season 3 here.

What Is The Last Kingdom About?

The series, an adaptation of the historical novel series by Bernard CornwellΒ calledΒ The Saxon Stories, is set in the lateΒ 9th century ADΒ when England is divided intoΒ seven separate kingdoms. All the kingdoms are attacked and effectively ruled by Β Viking Danes except The Kingdom of Wessex.

The story is about the saga of a boy named Uthred, who at the age of 12 saw his father Lord of Blamberg been stabbed by Vikings(Danes) in a war. His uncle betrayed the nation and pledged his allegiance to the same Danes.

The Last Kingdom Season 4

Danes abducted Uthred and Danish warlord Ragnar the Elder raised him as his own. Years passed and his enmity towards Danes extinguished. He befriended Danish warlord’s daughter Thyra and son Rorik.

The rest of the story of Uthred being going back and forth between Wessex and Danes.His fate and commitments never allowed him a piece of mind. Sometimes, he feels Danes his family and a few episodes later, he is against them and killing them in cold blood.

The Story So Far…

Once, Tyra was abducted and was about to be raped by Sven, the son of Lord Ragnar’s favourite shipmaster, Kjartan. But Uthred saved her and told Ragnar about this.

Ragnar in his rage blinds Sven in one eye and banished Sven and Kjartan who vowed of vengeance.

However, Uhtred later betrayed and killed his adoptive father, the Danish Ragnar. Uhtred is forced to travel to Wessex, the only one of the seven kingdoms that aren’t in Danish control to seek refuge.

The Last Kingdom Season 4

Years later, Lord Ragnar asks Uhtred to watch Thyra, who is now engaged. Instead of keeping an eye on her, Uhtred got distracted by a slave girl. Sven and Kjartan seize that chance and kidnapped Thyra.

The slave girl disappears. Knowing he cannot return to the Danes with honour, Uhtred flees to Wessex, the only one of the seven kingdoms that aren’t in Danish control.

To prove his loyalty to the king of Wessex Alfred, he baptized and turned his back on Danes and killed Danes in the battle. He chooses to hate the Danes, forgetting all about avenging Thyra.

He marries a local Saxon girl and everything was going smooth until Danes take him, hostage, again. Uhtred meets Ragnar the Younger again. Ragnar explains that Kjartan and Sven killed Lord Ragnar and thatΒ  Thyra is safe now. He does not hate Uhtred. Uhtred is torn between his love for Ragnar and his loyalty to the Saxons. He decides that, no matter what happens, he will never kill Ragnar.

The Danes attack the Saxons. Ragnar defends Uhtred, who returns to the Saxons with his blessing. Uhtred killed many Danes and won the battle and returns to the Saxons a hero. He plans to reclaim his ancestral homelands from his uncle.

The Last Kingdom Season 4

Predictions For Season 4

It is predicted that this season will adapt the plots of The Pagan LordΒ andΒ The Empty Throne, the seventh and eighth novels in Cornwell’sΒ The Saxon Stories.

Ian Hart as Father Beocca, Toby Regbo as Aethelred, Emily Cox as Brida, Timothy Innes as Kind Edward, Eliza Butterworth as Aelswith, Mark Rowley as Finan, Millie Brady as Aethelflaed, Magnus Bruun as Cnut, and Jeppe Beck Laursen as Haesten will be the new faces in the upcoming season.

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