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The Last Of Us 2 Spoilers: Reason Behind Abby Kill Joel In The Last Of Us 2?

Abby Kills Joel In TLOU 2
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The Last Of Us 2 Spoilers: Reason Behind Abby Kill Joel In The Last Of Us 2?: The Last Of Us 2 finally got released aid the rumours and leaks. The second part of the video game franchise has not disappointed us with its amazing graphics and storyline.

The Last Of Us released in 2013, and since then, gamers throughout the world waited for the second instalment. On 19th June 2020, The Last Of Us 2 got released worldwide on PlayStation 4.

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It is currently the third highest-rated PS 4 game on Metacritic and, it continues to amaze people.

Let us get into the details about the recently released The Last Of Us 2.

The Last Of UsΒ  2 Spoilers: Why Did Abby Kill Joel?

It is probably the most anticipated question from the leak that- Why did Abby Kill Joel? Now, with the release of The Last Of Us 2, we know what happened!
Joel is over of our most beloved characters from the entire game series, and he is the protagonist (the one we control) in the first part. The question arises, why does he die?
Abby, Joel And Ellie
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To answer your question most directly- Abby kills Joel to avenge her dad’s death as Joel killed him in the first part. Her dad could’ve developed a potential cure for mankind.
The scene plays out exactly like it’s shown in the leak. You can check the video here! Joel gets his head smashed by a golf stick.
It is up to the players whether they sympathise or emphasise with Abby in the latter part of the game.

The Last Of Us 2: The Controversy!

The Last Of Us got released in 2013, and we saw Joel, a smuggler and Ellie, a teenage girl on a mission to go across America in the post-apocalyptic and zombie-infested world.

Moreover, Ellie is immune to the bite from the infected so, she is our hope to find the cure. The first part set the bar high for the second one, and the latter hasn’t disappointed us.

Ellie From TLOU 2
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But, The Last Of Us 2 is controversial due to its portrayal of violence. After the release, we see that the violence is uncomfortable at the level of video games. The level of brandishing and killing has made it difficult for young gamers to watch.

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The Last Of Us 2: Other Details

The Last Of Us 2 has got 10/10 reviews but, the director warned people that it is ‘not fun’. The violence surpasses many video games but surprisingly, the Last Of Us 2, is one of the most loved video games out there!
Don’t forget to tell us your views on the new video game! Stay tuned to find out more!

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