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The Last Of Us 2: The Entire Plot Of The Game Has Been Leaked!

The Last Of Us 2

The Last Of Us 2

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has disrupted operations at a global. Every major film, event, show, video game, etc. and so on have halted production. This has ultimately resulted in delays causing severe financial damages to the showrunners. Now, the plot of The Last Of Us 2 has been leaked.

But it looks as if The Last Of Us is in for a shock. Developed by NaughtyDog, this post-apocalyptic world game has been one of the smash hits of PS4. Released over seven years ago, this game has portrayed the story of Ellie and Joel in the most beautiful way possible. And the fans are craving or the sequel to drop as quickly as possible.

We have now got to know the details of the plot of The Last Of Us 2 have been leaked online. The leak comes from 4chan which has summarized the game’s full plot.

The Last Of Us 2
The poster of Ellie hunting zombies in The Last Of Us 2.

Check out this gameplay reveal trailer for The Last Of Us 2:


What Are The Leaked Story Details?

As per the leaked plot, the game’s storyline is set to revolve around Ellie and Dina, her love interest. Further ahead, a faction calling themselves the Seraphites kill Dina. A faction is a group of deeply religious extremists that consider homosexuality a sin. This ultimately leads Ellie to seek revenge against the faction.

This search for vengeance comes with consequences. Joel, who has been like a father to Ellie and is the lead protagonist of the game, is killed while helping Ellie seek revenge. In addition to this, the plot contains some significant revelations about Ellie’s father, who is the cult follower. It is said that Ellie’s father was killed for having an affair with her mother, who was not a part of the faction.

The Last Of Us 2
Ellie will be the only playable character in The Last Of Us 2.

Several followers of the game have pointed out inaccuracies with the leak. But no matter how many details are leaked, they sure have the made the game furthermore enjoyable!

Release Date

The second part of the game was set to release on 21st February 2020. But in the wake of the chaos caused by the pandemic, Sony Interactive has postponed the game to release on 29th May 2020. However, with the PS5 set to launch later this year, the fans can expect a remastered version of the game.


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