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The Last Of Us 3 Is On The Cards, CONFIRMS Director Of The Franchise !

The Last Of Us
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Β The Last Of Us Part 2 Director Gives Credit To His Team

The Last Of Us Part 2 Director Neil Druckmann has been receiving a lot of praise for the latest addition to the Last Of Us franchise. He wrote an email to his team about how it was a collective effort and not just his win. He said in a recent interview, “I don’t remember exactly what I wrote, but I’m writing about my fears like I’m getting too much praise and it’s not being seen enough as a team project–but this is a Naughty Dog game, in every sense of the word.”

The Last Of Us
Source: EssentiallySports

The Last Of Us Part 2 Director Is Content With The Effort Of His Team

Neil said that the reviews were good, but the emails he got from his team members were way above the reviews. He said, “The reviews were awesome, and it’s great to hear people love the game and how much it resonates with them, but nothing comes close to hearing you, or Laura, or John, or any member of the team that has sent me an email since the game has come out to say this is the best game I’ve ever worked on.”

The Last Of Us Part 3 In The Cards

Neil secretly disclosed that a third part is up on the cards. However, there should be enough sales for the second part.Β  He said, “Our job is not to maximize profits or sales,” he said. “The game is selling well, and I don’t care. Just to talk about sales for a second, I just want to sell enough so we can do it again. So Sony will keep trusting us and giving us the creative freedom to do whatever we need to do. And anything beyond that is just gravy.”

The Last Of Us
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The Last Of Us Part 2 Gets Record Sales

It looks like a third part is definitely as the second part has recorded a whopping sales of 4 million copies within the first three days. It is a new record for the PlayStation. The sales are very impressive even after the world is going through a pandemic at the moment.

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