The Last Of Us Season 2: Review That Will Help You To Know The Game Better!

The Last Of Us Part 2

The Last Of Us season 2 has just released, and it’s already breaking several selling records. As the preview of the game we can, it is a really great one. Sony boiled the plot of the game down to ‘Ellie ( the protagonist of The Last Of Us season 2 ) vengeance after a victorious event’.

The game started in a different way than other games. In its beginning, Ellie and Joel see living in a large and greatly organized survivor camp in Wyoming.

The Last Of Us Season 2: In A Nutshell Review

The problem of the infected zombie is not a major problem here. There is no trace of marauders or any trouble about the quality of food. Though life is good there, the characters are really miserable. However, Ellie has a new girlfriend.

The Last Of Us Part 2

Whoever played its first game can easily guess that Ellie learned what Joel did in the final of the game. Joel allowed the Firefly militia group to use Ellie to create a cure for the infected ones. This process can kill him. But later he killed most of them and took her away with an explanation which seems not to be a lie what actually happened.

The catalyst for the season is not Ellie or Joel. It is a new character named Abby, who is a member of the Seattle militia. Abby is here referred to as the Wolves. She is actually the daughter of the head of the Firefly surgeon. She seeks a personal vengeance against Joel. At this moment a number of friends, blame him for dooming the whole race of the human and destroy the Fireflies.

The Last Of Us Part 2

Although you can control Abby from an early stage of the game, when she catches up and attacks Joel, that is the time for it. But along with the pivot plot of the game, Joel’s death is an uninteractive cut scene. Though Abby spares Tommy (Ellie and Joel’s brother) earlier in the stage, it Proves Abby’s vengeance in the game isn’t all-consuming.

The other key element is that you are going to play as Abby for almost the entire second half of the game. You will have a complete set of weapons, equipment, and different unlockable skills. Though the characters of Ellie and Abby are different, they play in an identical form.

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