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The Late Hawaiian Music Legend Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Music Lives On Google Is Doing Their Part To Honour The Musician!

Kamakawiwo'ole GooGle
Kamakawiwo'ole Doodle

Google Doodle To Honour Late Hawaiian Music Legend Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Google is going to honor the late Hawaiian music legend Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s music. Jessica Yu is the Google Doodle Team leader. She said ”Every year we go through thousands and thousands of submissions from Google and from people external about who to honor”. She also said, “We try to get a mix from the folks …but we moreover want to surprise and to delight and to inspire people with our choices and I think he just fits that”.

Yu said ” So, one’s like Diamond Head, but the Hawaiians will notice that things like Makaha Beach and his memorial journey on Hkulea”. Also she added ”Just lovely moments like his family life as well. They told, he was like this human jungle gym for the kids in his family and neighborhood, so we depict that”. The team of Google says the project was a long process and to research it or illustrate it they spent months as well as to speak with the close and loved ones of Kamakawiwo’ole.

Jessica Yu said, ” We had early on a great long conversation with John, his producer and with his widow Marlene”. Yu also added ” They just walked us through everything from his favorite places on Oahu and in Hawaii and what he loved to do in spare time. what his legacy was like, what he would want his legacy to be”.

Google Doodle honors Hawaiian ukulele player Israel 'Iz ...

Doodle To Honour Bruddah Iz

Google is also celebrating Bruddah Iz’s life with a Google Doodle on the event of his 61st birthday this year. The animation of the Doodle contains his popular rendition ”Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and many personal touches. Google hopes the animation will bring happiness and smile to our faces as Bruddah Iz happy face.

” We anchored by the idea of bringing a delightful moments to all the people that they weren’t expecting during their day. So we hope that.. especially right now with what a lot of people are going through. particularly hard times and different times, that people can take a moment and enjoy and smile” with our Google Doodle.

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