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The Legend Of Heroes Is Getting Translated!

The Legend Of Heroes
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The Legend Of Heroes PlayStation 4: The famous role-playing video game The Legend Of Heroes is a part of Sony’s PS community. Released in 1989, TLOH (The Legend Of Heroes) is one of the oldest video games to date. It is an interconnecting series with fourteen parts.

What Is The Legend Of Heroes About?

To give a basic gist about the game is that it is an action-based game as we play from Logan, a prince’s perspective. We have to go all around the world to avenge Logan’s father.

Logan is from the Farlalyne castle and goes around with his friends to reclaim his throne. The premise is basic but fun to play.


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The Legend Of Heroes Takes Place In An Interlinked World

All the games in The Legend Of Heroes saga take place in the same world but with different characters. Earlier, the game was translated only in Chinese and Japanese. It became a source of concern for the gamers in the west.

The Legend Of Heroes
Source: DarkStation

There are two sections in the game world of The Legend Of Heroes saga. They are- Trails in The Sky (2004) and Cold Steel (2017).Β The Liberal region is the Trails in The Sky; the latter is in the Erebonian Empire.

Translation Is Under Works!

Geofront is working on translating The Legend Of Heroes saga. It seems surreal. The second part of the series- Cold Steel is in the English language.

Now, Geofront is working on translating ‘Ao No Kiseki’. Sources say it is a fan translation. It is the same team which worked on The Legend Of Heroes: Zero No Kiseki.

They announced this exciting news on their website. “With great excitement, the Geofront is formally announcing its upcoming localization of Nihon Falcom’s The Legend Of Heroes: Ao No Kiseki. Or, as we like to call it, The Legend Of Heroes: Trails To Azure!”, they wrote.

This translation will allow gamers in the west to enjoy the entire story without missing a single part of it. There is no news upon when the new game will get translated. I am hoping the creators will give us enough knowledge the next time they decide to speak about The Legend Of Heroes.

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