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The Legends Update on Ghost Of Tsushima

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Legends- The New Update Of The Game

Thank you to everyone for giving Ghost of Tsushima: Legends such an amazing launch! In just our first weekend, more than 2 million matches were played using online matchmaking!

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The sounds of in-game explosions are so infinite, and indistinguishable from each other. You hear them as a continuous background hum in a world saturated with numerous online gaming choices. Let us review it. But Ghost of Tsushima Legends (it has sword clashing sounds as opposed to gunshots) is not your usual online game.

Or at least, you will be told by PS4 owners who purchased the offline game on release. ‘Legends’ is the newest free update for game owners. But it is underplayed by calling it a ‘update’. ‘Legends’ has enough of a story to survive as a standalone game. The game allows you to select from one of four types of warrior. Each of them having a superpower linked to their best-known skills.

The Assassin launches very stealthy attacks, the Hunter unleashes arrow shots on enemy heads. The fury of the Samurai causes some enemies to collapse in sight. And the Ronin can conjure up a sort of dog Patronus (and can revive fallen enemies as well). As each has its benefit, you do not need to spend too much time worrying about the class to select. Over time, you will unlock the others.

Modes Of Playing:

The game has two multiplayer playing modes.

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The first is the story-based missions, which can be played in a co-op style by two players. The story that depict dark mystic occurrences that threaten life in Tsushima are narrated by an eerie voice. Even the visuals are dreadfully stunning. By showing us the varied terrain in Tsushima. Light streaming in and making blades of grass gleam as we called the wind to direct us. The single-player mode helped us to appreciate the visual diversity.

With constant darkness, red clouds in the sky, and surrealistic elements added, the co-op mode just showed us how haunting the same terrain could be. But oddly enough, it’s kind of a feelgood kind of darkness. ‘Survival’ is the second mode, an intense, fast-paced combat where four different types of warriors coordinate to defend against waves of incoming enemies. The wait between waves decreases over time. Before the team crashes, you must take on as many enemies as you can.

Unlike more punishing online sports, being a good teammate in Legends is not difficult. Just for your low health mate, leave your healing drums unbeaten and try to remain healthy. If when they are knocked out you are unable to revive them. I award a ‘Ghost’ ranking to Legends, which is also the highest rank a Samurai hopes to attain.

One of the best surprises of 2020 was Ghost of Tsushima, launching as what looked like a fairly traditional open world game based around clumping from icon to icon but transcending that simple format to become a stunningly beautiful, rewarding adventure with a tight, well-told story and some of the most engaging action I’ve seen in an open world melee game. For a single player alone, it was already more than worth it, but Legends is just some incredible gravy.

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